On Cue
Pool tables, service and accessories

On time & on the ball

With more than 50 years in the game

On Cue satisfies the demand for genuine, involved cue sport service in Canberra and the surrounding region. We are actively involved in the local community by being a proud and close supporter of the ACT Eight Ball Association, regularly donating table hire at the On Cue Spot - Canberra's premier pool room.

On Cue's consistently high quality service can be attributed to the lead of Ian "Mongrel" Will who has participated in cue sports since the mid 60s - achieving a number of successes as well as recently representing Australia on three occasions.

His eagerness to support, participate and grow cue sports in the ACT is seen in the On Cue service.


Pool tables and accessories
Amusement machines
Prompt service


New and used pool tables
Relocation services
Maintenance and equipment

Full Site Management

On Cue makes it easy for you to run your pool room. Get experienced service and quality equipment when you need it.


Pool Tables & accessories

Working to your requirements we can place a range of high quality tables with either ball return or net pockets as well as affordable, quality accessories to complete your area.


Amusement machines

For those larger areas we partner with other local businesses to fully kit out your pool / entertainment room with a wide range of available amusement machines.


Prompt service

We ensure your clientele continue to enjoy themselves by offering a reliable, quality service, when you need it.


Pool at home

We offer a full home service that covers everything you might want for your pool room. From new and used pool tables, to cues and accessories and themed sets of pool balls.

New and Used Pool Tables

We have a range of high-quality floor stock as well as custom-built tables to suit your unique space.


Relocation Services

Moving house is a breeze with our relocation services throughout Canberra and the surrounding region.


Maintenance and Equipment

Re-rubber, re-felt, re-furbish. When it comes to keeping your table and equipment in top condition rely on us.